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There's nothing I can add. Everyone I dealt with was fantastic, responsive, capable, empathetic. What a team in Dover, NH. I hope I never need to call you again but will do it in a minute if ever needed. 

Great guys, very informative and real gentleman. I definitely would have them do any future jobs that may come up. 

I don't see where there would be any room for improvement. We are so impressed with the young gentleman that came into our home to clean. They are such hard workers. 

Thank you for the timely service. Jesse was extremely helpful; your company was amazing in a time of need. Thanks!

Email from another satisfied customer:


My name is Gary and I am the Maintenance Mechanic at the Dover District Court House in Dover, NH.  On Monday, July 24th we had a flooding incident in the basement to which your crew responded.  The flooding involved the court records retention area which houses all the files from the criminal courts as well as the family courts.  Needless to say that the information in these records if of extreme importance to all involved.

While your entire crew (in some cases more than I could count) responded courteously, professionally and efficiently, I feel it necessary that three of them be pointed out as a special note. Richard Shaw was extremely valuable, especially at the outset when the floor was still saturated and the records were soaked. His calm and professional demeanor put the court clerks and administrators at ease knowing they were in good hands. I particularly enjoyed working with him as he kept me informed through the entire process.

Along with Richard (Rich), the other two, Justin and Becky are worthy of special note.  In my many years in the corporate environment, you take note of people that go above and beyond without hesitation or complaint.  These two never slowed, never tired, and always kept a great attitude and exuded professionalism.  We used to have a saying when I worked in Washington, D.C., that when someone like these two worked for you, you had a "find". Both Justin and Becky are truly "finds", and I cannot say enough good things
about them.

Too often we here about complaints versus praises. Trust me when I say that truly, you have a great organization that responded quickly and professionally when we needed them and are worthy of praise.

Thank you for your assistance and for a job WELL DONE.

Gary S
Maintenance Mechanic
Dover District Court"

Mr. Robbins,

I just want to say thank you for the courtesy and attention your workers showed us while we were recovering from the fire in our warehouse.  Our family business might not have survived if it wasn't for the work they did and the considerate way they went about it.  Thank you again, and we will recommend your SERVPRO to anyone we know who needs your services.


They made quick work of a terrible mess.  Very impressed with their efficiency and professionalism.

All was great!!

I felt very secure leaving my home in Damian's hands. I felt secure with his team only because of the confidence I had in them. Thank you.

As much as I hope I never need this level of cleaning/restoration in the future, I am confident that I would choose SERVPRO if I do. Much thanks to all!

Overall, we are very satisfied with job. The level of cleanliness is outstanding. Rick Shaw and fellow team leads were very flexible and patient to our needs/concerns. Thanks Guys!