Water Damage Photo Gallery

Dover Water Draining and Drying

The soaked carpet and the lower wall of this office building in Dover received SERVPRO service. To mitigate the water damage to the wallboard small weep holes were drilled to allow the water to drain and the air circulation to be increased with the use of the axial fan. Knowledge and skills can save our customers money and disruptions to the workday.

Water Damage – Dover

Water damage in downtown Dover was the result of a tremendous storm which led to flooding in several commercial buildings. A tremendous amount of water accumulated requiring a substantial quantity of water damage restoration equipment. As the photo shows SERVPRO of Dover – Rochester is equipped to handle any size disaster.

Water Damage Restoration In Rochester

The team at SERVPRO are the experts when it comes to water damage repair and restoration. Our crew is the best in the business, and we are available 24/7 to help you with your water damage problem. We have the inspection, extraction, and drying equipment needed to return you home to pre-damage condition.

Rochester Water Damage from Flooding

The broken pipe covered this carpet with a fair amount of water. When water stands for an extended length of time, whether in a Rochester home or office, it degrades and can contain harmful pathogens. Call SERVPRO to set up extraction equipment to restore the area to its preloss condition.

Somersworth Water Damage

The hardwood flooring in the Somersworth property sustained water damage from a plumbing leak. The double pine planks, floor joists, and baseboards were salvaged with a rapid removal of the water. A drying mat, placed over the wetted area, expedited the drying.

Water Damage in Rochester

The pooling water caused the hardwood flooring to buckle and warp in this Rochester vacant home. The water damaged boards were removed; the floor supports dried out and sprayed with an antifungal agent in preparation for reinstalling the planks. SERVPRO techs restore rather than replace whenever it is viable.