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Don’t Wait Call SERVPRO Right Away After Fire Damage In Somersworth

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

large kitchen counter fire emergency When fires start in the kitchen, the damage will affect your central hub and will need to be remediated properly. Call SERVPRO immediately.

Understanding Management of Soot Residues After Fire Damage in Somersworth

Most Somersworth homeowners have little experience cleaning up after a household fire. This lack of familiarity plus the reality that the residues left after a fire are incredibly toxic make calling in our team of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians the sensible choice. Our education in the characteristics of different types of soots and how to safely and efficiently remove them transforms blackened and malodorous spaces to “Like it never even happened.”

Soot Residues Vary Depending on What Burned

Complicating fire damage cleanup in Somersworth is the need to evaluate the residues and select the appropriate products, tools, and techniques best suited for the particular kind of soot. A fire with one ignition site can spread throughout a home, consuming different kinds of structural components and contents as it moves. Soot is comprised of tiny, airborne particles of uncombusted materials that then settle on surfaces, horizontal, slanted, and vertical.

Paper and Wood Burn Fast And Hot

Dry wood and paper are common materials in any home. Their residues are ashy, light, and loose. SERVPRO Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) use gentle brushing, dry sponges, and HEPA filter-equipped vacuums to clear the debris, often containing the work area with a negative pressure air scrubber to manage airborne contaminants stirred up during cleaning.

Low Temperature/Low Oxygen Fires Burn Slowly

Electrical shorts in cords or wiring and blazes that smolder in furnishings or fabrics create a thick, sticky smoke that deposits heavy coatings on surfaces. Our employees select ecologically responsible yet effective cleaners with wetting agents and surfactants to break up the residues. Agitative action helps remove the soot but needs to be done skillfully by SERVPRO technicians to avoid damaging the surfaces beneath.

Protein-Fueled Fires Evaporate Food and Grease

Many fires start in the kitchen, creating a different kind of soot that presents a significant challenge to clean. This kind of residue contained the solids left after oils, grease, and foods reach temperatures high enough to remove all moisture. The coating is thin and almost invisible but incredibly tightly adhered. It spreads far from the ignition site, seeking cooler surfaces upon which to settle. Removal often requires special solvents and abrasive products and tools to loosen the bonds. SERVPRO employees have the training and experience to strike a balance between effective residue removal and avoidance of surface damage.

Count on the highly-qualified team at SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester to carefully assess, plan, and implement removal of fire damage residues. Call us to set up an on-site evaluation at (603) 743-4301.

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Your Dover Home in Need of Cleanup and Restoration? Water, Storm, Fire, Mold Problems? The Solution Is SERVPRO

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

A Knight defending the castle (Dover Home) in the background with a blazing fire SERVPRO Protects and Restores Yor Dover Property after Fire, Storm, Mold, or Water Attacks. Let Us Be Your White Knight!

SERVPRO of Dover Rochester's Full Palate of Restoration Services

We are a locally owned and operated facility, meaning that the same team members that we dispatch to help Dover homeowners in their time of need share these communities with you. We can offer our rapid response time because our technicians have their homes and their lives here in the Dover, Rochester, and Somersworth areas. We have served our communities and their residents proudly for decades, and with our continued growth and progress in the industry, we can anticipate continuing to be a reliable force for our customers for many years to come. Our restoration services vary considerably based on the needs of your property, and we can offer practical solutions for water, fire, mold, and storm loss incidents.

While we cannot prevent initial fire damage in Dover homes, we do have effective and efficient strategies designed to save our customers time and money on the restoration work their property needs. This efficiency amid a crisis can get significantly attributed to our commitment to having the best equipment, products, and knowledgeable professionals to handle the task. We do not settle for base certifications and minimum requirements for our Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT.) We encourage our team to pursue continued educational opportunities in-house to help our customers with every phase of recovery from the time we first arrive.

Content management is a vital element to protecting your livelihood from the devastating force of a fire in your Dover home. While you might not be able to entirely avoid soot and residue exposure, or harsh smoke odors, we have a team of dedicated technicians specially trained to handle items removed from your property. In our climate-controlled facility, we can address soot cleaning, deodorization, and other restorative practices to protect your possessions.

We understand how fast effects like odors and soot can spread throughout a Dover home, so we arrive quickly to begin mitigation – which starts with establishing containment barriers. Limiting the spread of these effects helps to maximize cleaning and restoration efficiency, which can help you get back into your home much faster than you might have anticipated.

One of the most common places that our SERVPRO team contends with mold growth in Dover homes is the cellars and basements of these structures. On account of inadequate ventilation, air circulation, and natural sunlight, a damp subterranean level can be a breeding ground for a higher concentration of damaging mold spores. While we cannot promise to remove all of the naturally occurring mold spores in your property, we do have effective strategies to remove mold colonies and help to restore the damages that these organisms can cause to your home.

Depending on the severity and spread of these impacts within your Dover home, mold damage must get addressed swiftly. We have a team of qualified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) accredited through the IICRC that arrive equipped with the latest strategies, techniques, products, and tools to manage this harmful condition. With our commitment to having the most knowledgeable remediation technicians in the area, we have regular additional training and coursework available in our facility and online to improve how confidently our technicians can respond to these emergencies.

From mold developing in the basements of Dover homes to many of the large commercial structures throughout our area, there is no remediation task too large for our professionals to handle. We have effective colony removal strategies, including media and soda blasting that can protecting the substrate of hosting materials while eliminating the organism.

Many situations perpetually threaten Dover properties, especially rapidly developing storm systems with destructive strength. With high winds, hail, and torrential rainfall that can often accompany powerful storm systems that can approach the region from any direction, we understood the importance of developing a qualified team of professionals that could immediately respond amid this crisis and provide effective mitigation and recovery solutions for customers in their time of need.

Flooding is a common consequence of these destructive storms, and this has promoted a need for our SERVPRO team to evolve into a restoration team capable of handling even considerable flood loss situations. We have high-efficiency extractor units that can work to quickly remove standing water throughout any Dover home and pave the way for the drying that your house needs to return to preloss condition.

With our 24/7 response to storm damage in Dover, we can help homeowners to mitigate their loss before restoration costs become astronomical. With rapid drying solutions and detection tools, we can monitor our thorough moisture removal process and address any lingering damp pockets to prevent secondary effects like mold growth from also threatening your house.

Water loss incidents are the most common threatening scenario that homeowners in Dover contend with throughout their lives. Part of this is how widespread and diverse water loss incidents can be, stemming from elements like flooding, structural damage, plumbing breaches, and elevated moisture and humidity in a property. With so many potential causes, our SERVPRO team requires regular advanced training to exceed the base knowledge available to IICRC-Certified Water Restoration Technicians.

We encourage our professionals to pursue secondary certifications that can help our crew more efficiently manage water damage in Dover homes. With accreditations like Applied Structural Drying (ASD) and Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT), we can address multiple layers of effects and also work to prevent hazardous secondary developments like microbial and mold growth.

Every moment counts when addressing water damage in Dover homes, and our mitigation process can help to manage standing water and drying with our initial visit. We can work to have most drying projects completed in a matter of days, helping you to get back to your life as promptly as possible.

We know that we are not the only choice that you can make for restoration services, but we know that you can trust in our certified technicians to help you through every damaging situation that threatens your house. Our SERVPRO of Dover – Rochester team, has the expertise and the industry-leading equipment to make all loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (603) 743-4301.

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We Arrive Right Away To Begin Water Removal Restoration In Rochester

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

A wall covered in plastic as part of our water removal drying process With our training and advanced equipment and products, we can rapidly dry out soaked areas after a storm.

Water Removal Rochester – Overflowing Bathtub

We have many distractions in our lives. One client found out the hard way that taking a phone call while the bathtub was filling was not a good idea. The phone call was urgent and took longer than expected. She forgot about the bathtub until she noticed water running down the stairs to the main floor. The tub had overflowed with water pouring onto the tile floor and out into the hallway. The hallway leads to the stairs. She quickly ran upstairs to shut the water off after hanging up on her friend.

Her next call was to SERVPRO to get help with water removal in her Rochester home. We dispatched a team to her home immediately. Our technicians were concerned about the impact the water would have on her hardwood floors and stairs. She started to mop up as much water as possible to minimize the damage, while she was waiting for our team to arrive.

Consumers can help mitigate water damage from leaks and overflowing sinks or in this case, a bathtub.

  • Mop up water, use towels to blot up the water
  • Wipe water from furniture
  • Remove all items from the area and prop up wet cushions and upholstery
  • Place foil or blocks under the legs of furniture
  • Remove area rugs, especially those that are colored and might leak colored dyes onto the floor
  • Turn on the AC to help dry the home and remove moisture

Once we arrived at the customer's home, SERVPRO quickly vacuumed up all of the excess water. We dried the floors with mops and wiped down all furniture. Fortunately, the situation was brought under control quickly by the homeowner, and there was limited damage to other items in the upstairs hallway and the stairs.

The air conditioning had been turned on by the homeowner. We added dehumidifiers to help with water removal and additional moisture along with high capacity air movers to circulate the air and dry the flooring. The homeowner was concerned about her hardwood floors buckling due to the excess moisture. Fortunately, the combination of quick action, turning on the AC, adding dehumidifiers, and air movers lowered the humidity in the home quickly enough to avoid any damage to the floors.

Call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 for 24/7 service. We serve Somersworth and surrounding areas. Quick action reduces the damage from water spills. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Rochester Property Flooding Mitigation is Best Left to SERVPRO But......

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

Road Flooding Leads to Property Damage in Rochester--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

A DIY? Guide to Effective Flood Damage Cleanup in Rochester

Floods wreak more havoc on properties than tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning combined. Flood-damaged homes often require repair and installation of new drywall among other structures. If your home has suffered flood damage, your primary concern should be your safety and that of your family. Avoid entering the flooded areas until government officials permit you to return to your home. Also, call utility firms and your insurance provider to inform them about the flooding.

Take photos or videos of your home to help substantiate your insurance claims. You should also assess your Rochester home for flood damage by looking out for structural damage like holes, warping, and cracked foundations. To prevent risks to your health, wear rubber gloves, waterproof boots, and waders before you begin the cleanup process.

Some first steps you should take during the flood cleanup process include:

•    Inspecting ceiling and cabinets that could fall over.
•    Removing debris and contaminated items.
•    Checking for clogs from mud or debris, which could lead to water stagnation in your drainage systems, toilets, and bathrooms.
•    Extracting water using shop vacs.
•    Opening the doors and windows to improve ventilation.
•    Using fans, dehumidifiers, and desiccants to dry out your home.

When you do all these things, do not let garbage pile up. Stacked rubbish can exacerbate contamination and attract insects or rodents. Avoid doing structural or electrical work yourself. Instead, hire experienced professionals to assist you. If your basement is flooded, avoid draining it too quickly because rapid pressure changes can cause the foundation to collapse.

With flooding, fast drying is crucial to prevent mold infestation and other issues. Immediate steps may include moving furniture and other belongings to dry areas, lifting carpets, and removing baseboards. This work is daunting for any homeowner, and it is, therefore, advisable to call in SERVPRO franchise professionals to help you with the cleanup and drying efforts.

The risk of further water damage occurring to your home increases with each passing day, making thorough and prompt action vital. We have special equipment that provides fast pump out, and our technicians are experienced in removing water and cleaning up a flooded property. We use powerful portable pumps to extract the water and then dry the house using air movers and dehumidifiers.

Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRTs) take repeated measurements using moisture detection devices like moisture sensors, moisture meters, and thermal hygrometers. With these devices, we locate the areas of a house that are damp and define how wet they are compared to average moisture levels. Thermo-hygrometers measure both the temperature and the relative humidity of a building, enabling us to determine if the drying process is effective. Our SERVPRO technicians follow up the drying process with decontamination and odor removal to return a property to its pre-incident state.

Floodwater can be a big problem in your home in Dover, Somersworth or the neighboring areas. When in need of flood cleanup services, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 for help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Are you in Over Your Head with Attic Fire Damage Restoration in Rochester?

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Our Green Fleet is stocked with equipment to remediate any fire damage in your home.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration for Rochester Homes 

Rochester is, perhaps, the small town most people think of when asked to identify a community in our state. Its location provides a beautiful place for families, and excellent access to everything else within a relatively short time. The idyllic setting does not stop the occasional disaster generated from a storm or a fire. 

To remediate fire damage to Rochester homes, SERVPRO response teams respond quickly to preserve the home and then take every necessary step to restore it and the property inside. With so many older homes here, a fire that starts in an attic among paper or clothing stored by previous generations is not an uncommon problem. When that happens, our FSRTs (Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians) have several issues they have to address immediately. 

First, a fire in the attic usually means roof damage. To temporarily protect the home, team members use tarps and plywood sheets to cover any areas exposed to the elements. If the weather is friendly, they may use the exposed opening to help dispose of any personal or structural property too damaged for restoration or repair. 

Second, there is the water left after the efforts of the firefighters. If the fire or smoke did not affect the insulation, the water compacts it, eliminating its ability to help control the interior temperature of the home. The compromised insulation and any pools of standing water can rot the wood making up the roof supports and even leak into the rooms below the attic. To remove it, SERVPRO team members use vacuums and pumps that can quickly draw out water and blown-in insulation. For rolled insulation, they use long-handled hooks to pull it out of the attic. 

Third, they clean and dry the now empty attic. In this tight, enclosed space, technicians spray a cleaning agent with an anti-bacterial component to eliminate odors and neutralize the corrosiveness of the residues. Next, they use a combination of dehumidifiers, air movers, and exhaust fans to eliminate excess moisture. 

Finally, team members replace insulation and repair the roof. If the damage was over most of the rood, it might be necessary to bring in a licensed roofing company to complete the job. 

Here at SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, our goal is to return each home to its preloss condition. As part of a larger community, we also help respond to our neighbors in Somersworth and the surrounding area. If your home recently suffered through a fire of any size, call us at (603) 743-4301 today to begin putting everything back to its original state. We are here for you. 

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SERVPRO Can Restore Wet Carpets and Contents

7/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage to Your Home and Carpets in Rochester? Call SERVPRO Fast to Preserve Your Property

Water Removal and Carpet Drying in Rochester   

Water from a leaking pipe or overflowing sink can damage a home quickly with the liquid spreading everywhere. Regardless of the cause, it is essential to shut the source of the water off as soon as you notice spillage in your home. Turn the faucets off if a sink is overflowing. Locate and turn the main water valve off to limit the amount of additional damage caused by a broken water pipe. Always confirm that it is safe to enter your home if there is deep pooling water.

SERVPRO can focus on water removal in your Rochester home quickly. Before entering the area, we first ensure that it is safe to do so. If there are electrical appliances involved, we ensure that the electricity is turned off before entering. We also want to protect the occupants from any potential hazard.

We understand how important it is to limit the water damage by removing anything that can cause secondary negative effects. For example, books and papers on a wet carpet can cause stain transfer. We remove these materials from the room and the wet carpeting. Furniture can also be relocated or blocked with wood or high-density foam to avoid rusting or warping from the metal feet of couches, chairs, tables or appliances.

SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians (WRT) understand that extracting as much water as possible before using dehumidification equipment expedites the recovery time. Portable extractors are used in most cases to remove the water. Squeegees can be used on hard surfaces to push away as much water as possible. Elimination of all of the standing water allows your home to dry faster.

The best time to eradicate stains is while the carpeting is still damp. SERVPRO can attempt to remove the markings on the carpets carefully to avoid further damage to walls or baseboards. We can save a section of the carpet to assist in the selection of new materials for the restoration of the home. All discarded materials are placed in plastic bags to avoid further damage to unaffected areas.

Call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 for 24/7 treatment and help. We serve Somersworth and surrounding areas. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

We Get You Back To Business In Rochester After A Water Damage Disaster

7/10/2019 (Permalink)

The soaked carpet and the lower wall of this office building received SERVPRO service right away. We have the necessary equipment, call us right away.

What You Should Do When Your Cafe Needs Rochester Water Removal Services

A burst pipe, which causes water damage on your property, is nauseating for any business owner. In your cafe, the ceiling pipe running over your bar burst and spilled water onto expensive equipment, the countertop, and the flooring directly below. Suddenly, your cafe must close its doors and halt business, as the work environment is no longer safe to operate in.

When your Rochester establishment faces a water removal service emergency, call for help as quickly as you can to mitigate your losses and maximize the chances of successful remediation. The longer the water sits unchecked on your property, the more likely it is to do even more damage inside. Quickly addressing the spill makes it less likely that any water damage can set in.

Here at SERVPRO, we understand how crippling a loss of foot traffic can be for your business. For this reason, we try to arrive and to work fast so that you can reopen your establishment as swiftly as possible. When we arrive, we can jump right into work, gathering advanced equipment for the job from our signature green van. Our water damage restoration technicians (WRT) can use a variety of devices to begin the removal, such as:

-Wet/Dry Vacuum Units

-Wand and Rover-Mounted Extractors

-Portable Submersible Pumps

Once finished, SERVPRO can help you check if the espresso and other coffee machines are in working order. Having water spill onto electrical devices can cause shortage and water coming into contact with metal can cause rust. Should your business lose any equipment, SERVPRO can help you communicate with your insurance adjuster so you can file a claim for the damages inside of your business.

When your business finds itself in need of water removal services, never hesitate. Get in contact with SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester by dialing (603) 743-4301. We're open 24/7.

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Somersworth Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Talk About How to Remove the Smoke Odors

6/25/2019 (Permalink)

Removing smoke and soot is difficult. SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester has the training and experience needed.

Fire Damage Restoration And Odor Removal In Somersworth

One of the hardest aspects of your fire damage restoration involves using various pieces of equipment for odor removal. When facing the damage caused by a fire in your Somersworth home, using a licensed professional is the way to go for the best possible results.

Regardless of the size or severity of fire damage on your Somersworth property, the smoke residue always reaches further. You should expect to clean further into your home, even into the areas that were not touched by the flames of the fire.

SERVPRO technicians use multiple deodorization techniques to perform a deodorization service after a fire occurs. A single solution for all odor problems that a fire can produce does not exist. Some fires require fogging; others benefit from a direct spray or activated oxygen. Therefore, training and experience play a huge role in performing efficient deodorization.

SERVPRO’s odor control technicians (OCT) use personal protective equipment appropriate to the procedure. Respirators, chemical resistant gloves, eye protection, and protective clothing are often necessary to complete deodorization services in your home.

We have access to duct cleaning systems that contain all of the equipment, accessories, and attachments necessary to clean the ventilation system in your home. Brushes, augers, and air whips enable agitation and removal of soils from all parts of the system.

SERVPRO also uses hand pump-up and powered direct sprayers to dispense chemicals over severely charred structural components, fabrics, or carpets. Ventilation box fans help ventilate a structure after thermal fogging while ozone machines help oxidize residues and remove odors.

Strategically placed air scrubbers help restoration technicians remove airborne particles, eliminating odors and gases. The devices use High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filters to pump clean air back into the affected area after a fire. 

The technicians at SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester regularly perform successful deodorization and restoration services throughout the area. We give you access to highly trained restoration technicians, advanced equipment, and quality resources you can count on to return things to normal after a fire. Have a problem? Contact our offices anytime, day or night, year-round; we are here to help. (603) 743-4301.

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How a Microburst Caused Major Flood Damage to a Dover Home

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

When the forecast is for storms, keep SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at the top of your contact list!

SERVPRO Handles Microburst Flood Damage in Dover Home

Flood damage is one of the most severe water events that can happen to a residential or commercial property. This type of water rates as a category three or black water event and requires special handling due to safety and potential health issues, should always be professionally cleaned up. 

Our SERVPRO emergency response team mitigated flood damage in a Dover residence caused by an intense thunderstorm known as a microburst. These storms can drop several inches of rain in a short period and backed up drainage systems quickly. The result was groundwater collected around the back porch area and drained through the backdoor into a home caused water damage. 

The homeowner took actions before our arrival that assisted with a more positive outcome from the water intrusion. He moved furniture in the room away from the flood water as it entered and blotted up what he could to keep spreading at a minimum. When our technicians arrived on site a short time later, we immediately scoped the room and found the damage localized to a single area of the room. 

Water migrates and travels quickly through porous things such as carpet and padding, and even though the homeowner had blotted up a portion of the water, the carpet had taken on a large amount of water and was very wet and heavy. With the homeowner's permission, we cut the carpeting into the strips and discarded it as it was not restorable. 

We extracted the remaining moisture and dried the room using both air movers and air scrubbers with HEPA filtration to assist in removing any airborne residual odors left behind by the water. Once the room attained drying goals, SERVPRO technicians thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the room to get it prepped for the installation of new carpeting. 

Flood damage should be addressed as quickly as possible to limit loss, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301, and our certified restoration specialists arrive within hours of your initial call because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Is Commercial Water Damage Cooking in Your Rochester Restaurant's Kitchen?

6/10/2019 (Permalink)

Helping you keep your restaurant running during a water loss event is our goal. SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester is always on call!

Commercial Water Removal Teams In Rochester Talk About Water Damage in Restaurants 

If water ever leaks out of a pipe or appliance inside your Rochester restaurant, many problems can result by not treating the issues promptly. Even small amounts of water getting into your dining area can force you to have to call in a professional commercial water removal company such as SERVPRO. Our water restoration technicians or WRTs are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help mitigate your moisture-related problems. Our WRTs live locally and can respond to your residence shortly after your emergency call. We know that the quicker we can begin your commercial water removal project, the less likely your business could suffer from secondary damage such as mold growth.  

Whenever unwanted moisture enters places of your restaurant that are not designed to get wet, your building materials and contents can get ruined. Our SERVPRO team always does whatever we can to complete your commercial water removal project in Rochester promptly. The first step we take is to remove moisture before it soaks into structural components inside your building and evaporate into the air. During this initial extraction phase, we utilize heavy-duty extractors and other equipment to pull out as much water as we can while it is in liquid form. Once most of the liquid H2O gets removed from your restaurant's building materials and contents, we begin the applied structural drying or ASD phase.  

During ASD, our WRT utilizes specialized air movers and dehumidifiers to speed up the natural drying and evaporation process to remove moisture from all materials inside your restaurant. Once all building materials and contents inside your business dry to normal moisture levels, we begin the final cleaning stage. The final cleaning step is designed to return your building to preloss conditions, "Like it never even happened."  

When working inside your restaurant, we know that the atmosphere must look, feel, and smell clean so that the food you serve remains to be appetizing. To do this, we handle every minor detail of cleaning, and we often take further deodorization steps so that your restaurant keeps its pleasant, inviting atmosphere. If you ever have a water leak occur inside your dining room, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 seven days a week.

Rochester was named in honor of the Earl of Rochester.  Read more here.