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There are Different Reasons Behind the Development of Mold Damage in Your Dover Attic

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO There are Different Reasons Behind the Development of Mold Damage in Your Dover Attic  Excess Moisture Leads to Mold Damage in Dover Homes

Mold Prevention is Better Than Mold Remediation

The world is full of microbes. Mold is one of the most commonly known of these life forms. In Dover, attics can hold a multitude of these microorganisms. In most conditions, they create little damage, but when certain factors arise, fungi can begin growing out of control and create extensive damage to your attic. 
Dover homeowners who know how to prevent mold damage can protect their homes better than residents who do not understand how microbes react to indoor environments. Knowing why mold grows more rapidly can help to avoid the situations that allow mold damage to happen. Overlooking the attic of a home as a place of mold infestation happens quite often. However, it can be home to millions of individual microorganisms and their spores, simply waiting for the needed moisture to become active. 
One reason mold forms in an attic is because heat gets trapped inside. The snow that melts quicker in one area on your roof can help you determine where a ventilation blockage might exist. The heat inside your attic can also hold moist air, allowing for condensation and mold growth. Clearing away anything that blocks the vent system can eliminate this problem. 
Another situation involving an attic which you can investigate by looking at melted snow on your roof is missing or damaged insulation. When this happens, ice dams become more likely. Seeping water can provide mold the moisture needed to start heavy growth to occur. Replacing the insulation can prevent warm areas on the roof, and the subsequent damming. 
Ice damming on the roof is not the only reason a roof can leak. A series of cracks around the chimney, loose shingles, rodent activity and some other reasons can cause a roof to leak during even a short rain shower. Finding the leak might require a SERVPRO professional, but checking out your attic with the lights off on a bright sunny day can sometimes show where holes exist. Gently putting a wire or other stiff material through the hole can mark it on the roof for later repair work. 
Our experienced Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) can help point out other areas that can pose problems with mold damage. Prevention is always easier to implement than restoration and is less costly. Minimize the disruption in your family's daily activities and routines by preventing problems that microbial growth can cause. 
SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester has technicians who are always available to not only take your call but to provide experienced mold remediation and mold damage prevention. Contact us at (603) 743-4301 so we can help you in protecting your home.

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Eliminating Water Damage Odors in Dover

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Eliminating Water Damage Odors in Dover  You can not eliminate water-borne odors with candles, you can rely on SERVPRO to properly rid your home of all water damage effects.

SERVPRO’s Four Methods for Eliminating Water-Borne Odors

When it comes to removing the effects of flooding in a Dover home, most of our efforts are centered around taking out any standing water with pumps and extractor wands. Then we draw out the remaining moisture in the carpets and floorboards. Most of the work after that is lowering the humidity in a home to prevent rot, loss of building material, and to prevent mold growth.

However, to remove every effect of water damage in Dover, SERVPRO also treats the odors left behind after a burst pipe, or a rusted-out water heater leaves water throughout a home. It may seem like a minor area, but untreated odors do not simply go away over time. Untreated odors eventually ruin property and make a house unlivable. To prevent this, we have developed a series of methods which deal with every type of odor and property.

For smaller, odor generating spots on upholstered furniture or in carpets, our preferred method is Injection. We use a needle to force a deodorizing agent into the stain. The method is very useful not only for eliminating water-borne odors but for pet odors also.

For larger spots or stains, we engage in Direct Spraying. Our tools for this method are either a hand sprayer or a powered, portable spray device. It is very effective to remove almost any odor, but spraying does soak the surface, making it risky to use on fabrics where the color can run or fade.

For those fabrics and other surfaces, we have Wet FoggingSERVPRO restoration specialists use an ultra-low volume or ULV fogger to generate tiny particles of deodorizer. These particles bind to the odor particles, which neutralizes them. We still watch surfaces closely to prevent using accidental soaking.

When any amount of moisture is a risk, we use Dry Fogging. Here, we force a deodorizing agent through a heating coil. The coil vaporizes the chemical, so it penetrates much farther into an item. The particles generated are also more effective to bind with and destroy odor-causing particles. This method works well on water-borne odors as well as smoke odors.

Eliminating the odors from water damage is as important as any other type of restoration. You cannot eliminate these odors with candles or a new coat of paint. If you want to preserve your home and its contents, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 today. We are here to help.

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Is the Snow Outside Damaging the Inside of Your Rochester Home?

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Is the Snow Outside Damaging the Inside of Your Rochester Home? Excessive snow can cause roofs to collapse,bringing water damage inside your home.

Flood Damage Crews In Rochester Discuss Problems Associated With Blizzards

During the winter time in Rochester, storms can wreak havoc on your property. Sometimes blizzards can occur which can cause severe flood damage to your home. A blizzard is a vicious winter storm that brings about a combination of snow, wind and poor visibility. According to AccuWeather, the National Weather Service's official definition of a blizzard is a storm that brings with it snow, winds over 35 miles per hour and visibility of a quarter mile or less for more than three hours. The blowing snow conditions some of these storms cause can hurt your structure and force you to reach out to a professional flood damage restoration company such as SERVPRO.  

Cold, winter weather can bring about many conditions that can cause many building problems. During the winter in Rochester, flood damage occurs quite frequently.  Winter weather can cause your water pipes to freeze and make them burst and spill water all over your house. Excessive amounts of snow can also ruin structural components that make up your home. If the snow that falls is extremely wet and it accumulates quickly, the weight of the snow can overload your exterior structure. Sometimes, snow can build up on your roof and possibly cause it to collapse.  

If the snow sitting on top of your building gets too thick, cave-ins can take place which can create a hole in your structure for moisture to enter. If the interior of your home gets exposed during a snowstorm, snow can get inside and negatively affect your building materials and contents. Once the snow melts inside your warm home, water damage can start to build up in your dwelling's interior.

If water starts to affect any of the objects inside your home such as your carpet or furniture, it is wise to reach out to the professionals at SERVPRO. Our highly trained team has experience restoring buildings with all types of problems. We are good at helping you with any disaster and making your home seem "Like it never even happened."  

If you suffer from problems after a blizzard, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 any time of the day.

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Our Team Will Restore Your Rochester Home When You Have Plumbing Failures

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Our Team Will Restore Your Rochester Home When You Have Plumbing Failures Our trained technicians can restore your home after you have plumbing problems. There is no job too big for our experts and we are available 24/7.

Water Damage Technicians In Rochester Talk About Different Types Of Dehumidifiers

Plumbing failures inside your Rochester home are the most common type of problems that occur inside residential buildings. If a pipe breaks and leaks it can cause extensive water damage to your contents and building materials quickly. Even the smallest crack can spill hundreds of gallons into your house in a short amount of time. When water enters the interior of a building, it can cause two types of problems which are primary and secondary. Primary water damage occurs when moisture comes into direct contact with items inside your home and secondary issues take place when things get ruined that did not directly contact moisture.

Examples of secondary issues include mold growth and problems related to elevated humidity levels. The main goal of any water damage project in Rochester is to prevent secondary issues from occurring. Our SERVPRO technicians accomplish this by removing all moisture from your home as quickly as possible. We start by extracting water while it is in liquid form. Next, we complete the structural drying phase.

When drying out structural components, our SERVPRO team uses both air movers and dehumidifiers. The air movers create air movement in a counterclockwise direction. The fans push air away from surfaces after moisture evaporates from wet materials. The dehumidifiers remove water vapor from the air and dispense it in liquid form.

When using dehumdifiers, we can either use a refrigerant or desiccant system. Both machines get utilized in different situations and differ in how they remove the moisture from the air. Refrigerant dehumidifiers work by pushing air across a chilled metal coil. The temperature of the coil causes condensation making the water drain out of the machine into a spill bucket. The warm, dry air dispensed is then used in the circulation made by the air movers.

Desiccant dehumidifiers work better to remove moisture from non-porous materials like concrete. They work by running the wet air across a silica gel. The gel attracts moisture particles; then the machines heat the gel so that the water drains out in liquid form. If you ever have water damage inside your home caused by plumbing problems, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 any day of the week.

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Hire a Professional or DIY: The Cost Effective Way to Remove Smoke Residue From Your Rochester Home

2/26/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Hire a Professional or DIY: The Cost Effective Way to Remove Smoke Residue From Your Rochester Home Smoke and soot damage may appear to be easy to remove, but often require professional remediation.

Can You Clean Smoke Residue in Your Rochester Home on Your Own?

Fires can present many obstacles for homeowners and restoration companies to overcome in your Rochester residence. While our skilled technicians can help you through each of these steps needed to restore your property fully, many homeowners remain curious if they could reduce their out of pocket expenses by cleaning up some of this damage on their own before this assistance arrives. With effects like soot and smoke damage, many of these same homeowners believe that cleaning these areas on their own could provide the same level of quality and thoroughness, but at a fraction of the cost.

Now the real question becomes: is it possible to restore some of the fire damages to your Rochester home on your own without the assistance of skilled professionals? The short answer to this question is no, as most homeowners lack the awareness to the full scope of the damages to restore any facet of the effects entirely. Moreover, DIY approaches can often make the situation worse, ultimately requiring tear out and reconstruction for materials that otherwise would not have required it.

Soot and smoke damage specifically can lead to concerns for indoor air quality, which in itself can be a deterrent for homeowners to attempt to remove these effects on their own. Our SERVPRO professionals have a full measure of personal protective equipment that can keep us safe from damaging airborne effects and potential risks that exist in your home’s construction as we work to mitigate your loss upon our arrival.

Smoke residue comes explicitly to rest gently on the surfaces of materials in many cases, which requires a specific process to remove to prevent smearing and staining of the affected area. If staining has occurred with smoke residue or soot, it is challenging for even our experienced SERVPRO professionals to recover.

As tempting as DIY cleanup and debris removal might be, you should leave it to our SERVPRO of Dover – Rochester professionals. Give us a call 24/7 at (603) 743-4301.

Rochester is known as the Lilac City.  Read more here.

Our Team Has The Experience To Handle Water Damage In Rochester

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Team Has The Experience To Handle Water Damage In Rochester If you have a leak call our experts we are available day or night 24/7 to help dry your home and allow you to get back to living.

Avoiding Water Disasters and Water Damage in Your Rochester Home

Consider the fact that you spend many hours away from your Rochester home. Whether it is for work every day, a family vacation, or a weekend getaway, many people are absent for an extended period. Imagine coming home to some sort of water disaster, where water is running down your stairs, or your living room ceiling has collapsed. Unfortunately, these events are not unusual.

When you experience a leak that is catastrophic or a small leak that has gone unnoticed for a while, the water damage that follows in your Rochester home can be devastating. That is why you need the assistance of a professional remediation company such as SERVPRO. We have the experience you would expect and won’t waste time getting to your residence to help you.

Make it a habit to check any hoses leading to dishwashers, water heaters, refrigerator ice makers and washing machines each year. It is a good idea to purchase a water leak monitoring and shut-off system, as it can alert you to any issues with leakage. Hoses which have leaks or cracks need to be replaced right away and replace them all every five to seven years.

Check all the caulking and sealant around tubs and showers to ensure they are watertight. Seal then again if needed. If you have experienced a leak in your upstairs bathroom, there can be damage to the ceiling and room beneath it. SERVPRO techs can handle all the damage, using moisture sensors to find any hidden water inside the walls and ceiling, and replacing drywall and other materials that were damaged beyond repair.

When you are away on vacation, shut the water supply to your washing machine off, and do not leave the house while the dishwasher or washer are running. You should also know the location of the main shut-off valve in your home. If a damaged hose or a pipe burst, it can send water rushing into your home. Knowing how to shut off the main water supply quickly is essential in a case like this to save stress, time and money.

SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester can get to your home in Dover, Somersworth, or Rochester quickly after a water damage emergency occurs. Call us at (603) 743-4301 right away, any time of day or night, so we can help get your home dry again.

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Our Experts Can Detect And Destroy Mold In Your Rochester Hotel

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Experts Can Detect And Destroy Mold In Your Rochester Hotel Keep your guests happy by having a clean and kept pool. Our experts can restore this area after mold damage has been discovered.

Indoor Rochester Hotel Pool Can Facilitate Mold Growth

Throughout the year, your Rochester hotel sees a steady stream of guests that are all looking for a place to lay their head for the night. While many of the competitors in the area have various amenities designed to draw in customers, your indoor pool area offers year-round fun for travelers looking to unwind after an often long day on the roads. The problem with indoor pool areas is their likelihood of becoming a potential beacon for mold and fungal activities. 

While your pool area might see much activity from the guests at your Rochester hotel mold damage has the potential with wet conditions, moist environments, and the variables of human nature. To further explain, guests might get offered a convenient location for them to dry off and change back into their clothes, but many choose not to do this. Instead, they walk, dripping out of the area, onto elevators or stairs, and continue until they reach their rooms. 

This starting point for all guests vacating the indoor pool can affect the carpeted areas with a persistent saturation. Mold colonization can happen out of sight, such as underneath this carpeted area, and the musty odor of widespread damage can get masked by the often overwhelming scent of chlorination. Inspections from our SERVPRO professionals can help to determine with certainty if a problem exists or not. 

If mold damage gets discovered on your property, our SERVPRO applied microbial remediation technicians can work quickly to remove the affected materials and restore the damage the organism has caused. The faster that we can remove mold growth from the area, the faster your pool area becomes available to the public again, and your rating does not suffer from online reviewers. 

As you strive to provide guests to the area with a place that is both accommodating and pleasant, an indoor pool area can offer year-round, temperature-regulated swimming fun. If you suspect moisture and dampness have allowed for mold growth to occur, give our SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester remediation specialists a call today ats (603) 743-4301.

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Is Heavy Snow Causing Your Roof to Leak into Your Rochester Home?

1/29/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Is Heavy Snow Causing Your Roof to Leak into Your Rochester Home? Heavy snow can damage roofs, leading to water damage inside your home.

Flood Extraction Technicians In Rochester Discuss Removal Procedures

After a snowstorm hits Rochester, it is possible that your home can suffer from problems with excessive moisture. Once the snow starts to melt, you might notice that your roof or exterior wall has leaked, forcing you to call in a professional flood extraction company like SERVPRO. When the snow comes down in full force, it is possible that the weight can break roof shingles or other building materials and allow moisture to leak inside. Once water makes its way into your house, it can ruin structural components and create situations where mold can develop. When dealing with flood extraction, we can remove moisture when it is in its liquid form and once it is water vapor.
To remove moisture, when it is in a liquid form our SERVPRO technicians use truck-mounted extractors and specialized attachment tools. Our highly trained team knows that it is quicker for flood extraction in Rochester to take place when water is in its liquid form than when it becomes water vapor. To begin the extraction phase, we first remove all standing water present. If the standing water is deep, we can use submersible pumps to put the moisture into a sewer drain. Next, we extract water from your floors and furniture using a truck-mounted or a portable extractor.
During the extraction phase, we start with standing water and then remove moisture from porous materials like carpet and fabrics. Our SERVPRO technicians attach various tools to the extractors for different materials.  We begin the rapid structural drying process after all liquid H2O gets removed from your contents and building materials.
Anytime organic materials like paper or wood get wet it is possible that mold can develop if the substances do not get dried out within 48 hours. When drying a structure, we utilize advanced technology and equipment that creates the perfect environment to speed up the natural evaporation process.
If you ever happen to notice wet contents or building materials after a snowstorm, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (863) 446-0258 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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Rochester Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Flood Cleanup and Restoration

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Rochester Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Flood Cleanup and Restoration Ice Dams and Storm Damage in Rochester? Hurry Up and Call SERVPRO

Ice Dams Cause Flood Damage in Rochester

When the winter months are at their coldest, we tend to worry about the most immediate needs. Shoveling the driveway, making sure our heat works properly and watching our steps to avoid any icy patches. However, we may not be aware of the flood damage that may be brewing right over our heads. When the ice on the roof melts and freezes again, it creates what is called “ice dams,” which left unattended can cause water to flood your attic and leak along your walls, all of which could lead to expensive repairs.

Flood damage to your home in Rochester, as caused by ice dams, can be partially prevented by keeping your gutters clean and avoiding any exhausts from exiting into the attic. Insulation also plays a key role in maintaining proper temperatures, so ice dams are not created. So it is essential to be vigilant of that too. Regardless, sometimes even the best homeowners are not able to avoid the flood that can happen as a result of ice dams and they may be in need of professional help. This assistance is where SERVPRO becomes your greatest ally in restoring your home back to the way it was.

Being a homeowner, you may be tempted to try your hand at the drying process, but it is best to call in a team of experts such as ours. Aside from drying your attic and walls, our SERVPRO team can inspect the structure of your house and determine whether additional repairs are needed. Our specially trained technicians are also able to determine the equipment best suited to navigate the limited space in your attic while achieving the desired results. Our team can work on salvaging insulation if possible, and disposing of those materials that may pose a health hazard for you and your family.

One of the benefits of reaching out to a team of experts is the number of techniques at our disposal. Do not be surprised if our SERVPRO technicians decide to drill small holes into your walls as part of the injectidry process. With this process, we can use these small weep holes to efficiently move the air and heat through the wall cavities and attic space to achieve moisture reduction, which is essential in safeguarding the structural integrity and health of your home.

Whenever you experience flood damage to your home in Rochester, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603)743-4301. We are available 24/7 to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

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How SERVPRO Removes the Smoke Odor From Your Rochester Home

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How SERVPRO Removes the Smoke Odor From Your Rochester Home Smoke, even from a small fire, can create an odor throughout your home.

Rochester's Fire Odor Damage Removal Experts Talk About Deodorizing Chemical Options

Many do not think about fire odor damage as being a serious problem but smells that linger can create unpleasurable situations in your near future.

The best solution is to call in our SERVPRO experts to assess the situation. We can eliminate the sources of things that create that not so appealing stench when we conduct fire odor damage restoration in Rochester. However, sometimes things can get a little tricky. An inferno can burn multiple fuels and reach many different temperatures. Because of this, our team can utilize many different methods to mitigate the problems.

For one deodorant blocks, gels and oils can re-odorize an area or an air conveyance system. These specialized blocks work as a masking fragrance. A masking fragrance is a substance that puts better smelling odors into the air to mask unpleasant smells.

Another deodorization method is to use deodorant granules. This method works as both a masking and adsorbing agent for fire damage odors. The granules adsorb odor from the air or absorb fluid containment.

General purpose deodorants can also be used to help extinguish burnt aromas. These chemicals can work as both masking and pairing agents. They work as an additive to general cleaning compounds and can be effective when cleaning walls.

Other effective masking and pairing agents include heavy-duty based deodorants. These are most commonly used when directly spraying charred wood or scorched wall surfaces. They can also be used during wet fogging processes. If you ever find yourself in need of removing foul odors created by smoke, you can call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 for all of your property restoration needs.

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