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How SERVPRO Removes the Smoke Odor From Your Rochester Home

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How SERVPRO Removes the Smoke Odor From Your Rochester Home Smoke, even from a small fire, can create an odor throughout your home.

Rochester's Fire Odor Damage Removal Experts Talk About Deodorizing Chemical Options

Many do not think about fire odor damage as being a serious problem but smells that linger can create unpleasurable situations in your near future.

The best solution is to call in our SERVPRO experts to assess the situation. We can eliminate the sources of things that create that not so appealing stench when we conduct fire odor damage restoration in Rochester. However, sometimes things can get a little tricky. An inferno can burn multiple fuels and reach many different temperatures. Because of this, our team can utilize many different methods to mitigate the problems.

For one deodorant blocks, gels and oils can re-odorize an area or an air conveyance system. These specialized blocks work as a masking fragrance. A masking fragrance is a substance that puts better smelling odors into the air to mask unpleasant smells.

Another deodorization method is to use deodorant granules. This method works as both a masking and adsorbing agent for fire damage odors. The granules adsorb odor from the air or absorb fluid containment.

General purpose deodorants can also be used to help extinguish burnt aromas. These chemicals can work as both masking and pairing agents. They work as an additive to general cleaning compounds and can be effective when cleaning walls.

Other effective masking and pairing agents include heavy-duty based deodorants. These are most commonly used when directly spraying charred wood or scorched wall surfaces. They can also be used during wet fogging processes. If you ever find yourself in need of removing foul odors created by smoke, you can call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 for all of your property restoration needs.

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How Mold Becomes Secondary Damage from a Water Loss Event in Rochester

12/28/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Mold Becomes Secondary Damage from a Water Loss Event in Rochester Mold is a common occurrence after water damage.

Responding to Water Damage in Rochester Before Mold Can Grow

One of your highest priorities after your home in Rochester sustains water damage should be to ensure that no mold growth results from the incident. Fungal spores can make existing damage worse and introduce new problems to your home that require drastically different damage restoration strategies and safety precautions than a water damage problem without any mold growth. Although SERVPRO is available to help if mold does begin to grow, it should take us less time and money to repair and restore your home without fungi added into the mix. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep most mold from growing in your home.

Call Us Quickly

SERVPRO has adopted a strategy of 24/7 readiness to react to water damage in Rochester because faster responses correlate to easier restoration procedures and fewer complications from additional variables like mold. All types of mold need a source of water to grow, but if we can arrive on the site and dry your home out before spores ever get a chance to grow, the risk of developing a fungal problem drastically decreases.

Separate Wet Objects

One of your first reactions after your home receives water damage should be to find wet objects and fabrics and separate them from each other. This simple action promotes fast drying and eliminates one of the primary sources of mold growth in a water damaged home. For improved results, you can also move objects outside if the weather is warm and the sun is shining.

Be Aware of Time

If you discover long-term water damage, such as a leak or flood in an area of the home you don't usually go to, be sure to let us know over the phone that the issue could have been ongoing for a long time. These long-term problems often already support some amount of mold growth, and if our initial response comes prepared, we can take care of both issues at once.

SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester can handle any water damage crisis fast enough to avoid additional complications. Call us at (603) 743-4301.

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Rid Your Rochester Home Of Mold Call The Experts

12/20/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Rid Your Rochester Home Of Mold Call The Experts Mold can show up in the smallest spaces, call SERVPRO right away to keep your home safe.

Repairing Mold Damage from Attics and Crawlspaces in Rochester

The appearance of mold on ceilings in the upper-level of your home can be a symptom of further damages. Attics can go for months without being checked meaning a small leak or gap in your roofing can create the ideal conditions for mold growth, especially in the winter months when we expect heavy rainfall. These signs require professional remediation to prevent permanent damage to your home.

The fear of Mold Damage in Rochester properties can lead homeowners to invest heavily in laboratory mold testing or large-scale replacements. Here at SERVPRO we "always do what is right by the customer" by sending an IICRC mold assessment certificate holder to your property to help you decide what to do next. We use local technicians which reduces call-out times as well as giving you an honest opinion with tips on how to prevent damages recurring. 

The majority of properties in this community use soft wood paneling alongside fiberglass insulators. Both these materials are porous which can become infested with mold. SERVPRO technicians can remove these materials and dispose of them safely. Regarding drying the remaining structure, we can bring in a wide variety of equipment to help us complete the task as efficiently as possible. 

Mold that is left to its own devices can become heavily set into a wooden structure. Using advanced soda blasting techniques, SERVPRO can remove mold without causing unnecessary damages to the structure. We also commonly use rapid air movers to ventilate the space with hot-air and evaporate residual moisture. From there, it is merely a case of removing the moisture from the air with desiccant dehumidifiers and restoring natural humidity levels. 

The final step is a thorough deodorization of the affected area to help remove any unpleasant musty odors. We achieve this with water or chemical based foggers that are safe to use in a busy home environment. At the end of service, we can conduct a walk through with you to highlight areas of potential concern and the outcomes of our operations.

A professional, efficient and trustworthy restoration technician is not easy to find. Contact SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 for a service you can trust.

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Professionals Explain How to Remove Mold From Your Rochester Home

12/13/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Professionals Explain How to Remove Mold From Your Rochester Home Hidden mold is often found behind visible mold. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of mold.

Why SERVPRO's Mold Damage Remediation in Rochester Protects Your Home from Reinfestation

Mold is a highly persistent organism, and knowledge of the way it grows and obtains resources from its environment is why SERVPRO specialists retain the upper hand when providing homeowners in Rochester with remediation services. Our training and certification by the IICRC ensure you of our expertise and dedication to protecting your property.  

Although it is known for its beautiful and historic homes, mold damage in Rochester can become any homeowner's nightmare. We know how to make things clean and free of excessive mold by using internationally accepted methods the re-establish the healthy status of your home, which requires the removal of mold, damaged materials, and the water that provided sustenance to the microbes.  

We cut out any materials damaged by mold and then place them in double bags. These thicker bags keep both microbes in place and also keep dust and debris from spilling into other areas of your home. We also use HEPA filters, located in both our vacuums and air scrubbers, to remove any mold spores in the air. Negative air pressure chambers also use air scrubbers and are highly efficient tools of mold damage remediation.  

Eliminating the water that has nourished the microbes inside your home and allowed them to reproduce at an accelerated pace must occur to keep the problem from happening again. Infrared imaging devices show us water locations inside your house.  

Walls, ceilings, and other structures can hide small leaks from your view while existing uninterrupted for extended periods. We repair these problems when small, or if they prove substantial, we contact a licensed plumber whom we have partnered with in the past to provide reliable expertise to the situation. Al of this aids us in keeping your overall costs as low as possible.  

SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester wants to make sure your home no longer has excessive mold that can cause mold damage and other problems inside your home. Call us at our 24-hour service line at (603) 743-4301. We answer calls every day of the year.

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Become Familiar With the Tell-Tale Signs of Mold Damage in Your Rochester Home

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Become Familiar With the Tell-Tale Signs of Mold Damage in Your Rochester Home Mold can lurk behind cabinets or appear on open walls. Contact SERVPRO right away to remediate a mold infestation.

Remediation of Mold Damage in Rochester is Easier with Professional Help

Mold is primarily a moisture problem so when your Rochester property is infested, remediation efforts must involve removal of excess moisture. Mold spores, which are microscopic, exist everywhere, so it only takes the right conditions for growth to start. The conditions that include warmth, an organic food source, and oxygen are also readily available, so it only takes a spike in moisture to start growing. We have a team of AMRT, Applied Microbial Remediation technicians, who can help you deal with infestations in your property effectively.

The early signs of mold damage in Rochester are not likely to reveal the true extent of the problem because infestations confined spaces such as wall cavities are likely to be more advanced than those in visible areas. By using equipment such as thermal cameras, our SERVPRO team traces all the areas where there is a water problem without tearing down walls. It helps us determine the level of effort needed when restoring the damage in those areas.

The process of restoring mold damage involves cleaning and drying moldy materials. We HEPA vacuum affected areas to remove loose debris then damp wipe to remove those that adhere to the surface. Any items and especially the porous ones that cannot be cleaned must be discarded. It is not possible to clean them because the hyphae grow deep into the material where it is hard to reach them. Our SERVPRO technicians also dry non-moldy items within 48 hours eliminating chances of development.

Mold debris spreads quickly, especially when using air movers to dry affected areas. Such debris can cause health problems, so our SERVPRO technicians wear PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, and also isolate affected areas using plastic sheets to limit the spread of such debris. We also observe IICRC mold remediation standards including correcting the original moisture problem ensuring that the problem does not recur quickly once we finish remediation.

Mold problems should not become a long-term nag. With help from SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, you can deal with the problem effectively. Call us at (603) 743-4301 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Professional Mold Remediation for Your Rochester Commercial Property

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Professional Mold Remediation for Your Rochester Commercial Property Are mold spores like these hiding behind your walls?

Applying Advanced Technology to Commercial Mold Damage in Rochester

As a small business owner, keeping on top of property maintenance can be time-consuming. In some of the city's older buildings maintenance can often be taken out of your hands by the appearance of mold. For businesses that sell food or drinks, the odor of mold can be a health hazard and put off your customers. In these instances, it is essential to bring in a professional who not only removes the visible signs of mold growth but also tackles it at the source.

In our experience moisture residing inside walls or behind fittings causes commercial mold damage in Rochester. SERVPRO is a specialist in dealing with mold growth and uses advanced equipment to not only remove visible damage but also the damage you cannot see. Without taking this two-pronged approach, fungi can return again and again.

We use IICRC certified technicians in mold assessment and remediation. Laboratory testing can be expensive, so the visible signs of fungi or unpleasant odors are enough to begin the remediation process. As a local service with access to national resources we use state-of-the-art equipment to help get your business back to its best; making the damage "Like it never even happened."

Injectidry systems are one of the most effective ways of tackling mold at the source. This equipment requires some drilling into drywall to allow access for each injector. Injectors are then hooked up to a generator that blasts heated dry air inside the wall, evaporating moisture pockets and limiting the conditions for mold growth. As a business owner, using an approach like this can help to save money in the long run by dealing with the issue comprehensively.

Your SERVPRO technician can use a moisture meter to detect where moisture could reside as well as measuring indoor humidity levels and returning it to its natural state by deploying dehumidifiers in the affected area. As the service takes place you, the property manager, has direct access to a SERVPRO project manager who can guide you through each step as well as discuss the expected outcomes. 

Property maintenance is essential to maintaining a steady flow of revenue in your business by avoiding temporary closure. SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester is available to businesses 24 hours a day at (603) 743-4301.

Rochester is known as the Lilac City.  Click here for more information.

Our Guide To Successfully Restoring Your Fire Damaged Home In Dover

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Guide To Successfully Restoring Your Fire Damaged Home In Dover If a fire ever takes place on your property in Dover, it is a good idea to call in a professional restoration company like SERVPRO.

Dover's Fire Damage Crew Discusses The Restoration Process

If a fire ever takes place on your property in Dover, it is a good idea to call in a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. In many cases, the fire damage can get worse if it is not attended to quickly by experienced technicians. Soot residues can permanently stain surfaces and be harder to remove if not treated promptly. The longer burnt smells exist in a building, the more difficult they will be to remove. In some fire damage situations, water can be an issue if it was used to extinguish the blaze.

Since we know that time is vital, our SERVPRO team responds to every emergency call we receive as quickly as possible. Even though every fire damage project in Dover is different, our team always follows the same procedure to make sure all bases are covered. The process always follows a set of steps that ensure we do the best job we can.

The first step of our restoration process starts with the first phone call. Once you call us and tell us you have a problem we take all of your contact information and figure out as much as we can about your situation over the phone. We then schedule a time to come to your home and proceed to the next step.

Next, we arrive at your home and get the remainder of the information we need from you. We find out from you everything that happened so that we get a good idea of where we need to inspect. Then, we go throughout your house and inspect for problems. We also test affected areas and try to figure out if affected materials are cleanable or not.

We then make an initial estimate for you and your insurance adjuster that gives a good idea of the work involved. We outline what we think needs to be replaced and what we think we can save. Next, we schedule all of the working procedures with you and begin the restoration procedures.

When our experts finish the project, we always do a walkthrough with you to make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction. If you ever have a fire start inside your house, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 24/7.

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Water in Your Laundry Room: Is Your Rochester Home Getting Hosed From Your Washing Machine Hose?

10/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water in Your Laundry Room: Is Your Rochester Home Getting Hosed From Your Washing Machine Hose? Don't let your washing machine cause this to happen. Check the hoses often.

You Need Fast Water Removal in Rochester after Your Washing Machine Slips a Hose

Getting laundry and other chores done around the house in Rochester can take up a large portion of your already busy day. Your family relies on things to run smoothly, though, and you do, also. Small maintenance tasks help keep you on top of things, but too often, these become forgotten and left undone. 

When such tasks involve your Rochester home's washing machine, a slipped hose can mean you need water removal services to get things cleaned up and dried out.  Some plumbing systems provide water directly from the water main to your washing machine, and water coming out of a slipped hose might not result in detectable pressure loss in other areas of your home.  These leaks mean your home can quickly become flooded with thousands of gallons of water before you discover the situation. SERVPRO is always ready to help solve problems like this for our customers, day or night. 

We use submersible pump units with hoses long enough to reach into your basement or other locations and get the water out quickly. Our team works together to increase our efficiency. We also rapidly set up drying equipment in a standby location so that as soon as we have removed the majority of the water, we can begin drying out your home's damp areas. 

To make sure we sufficiently dry your home's materials out, without over-drying, we compare readings taken with our moisture readings equipment to industry-approved guidelines. These help us restore the amount of moisture content so that future problems do not occur. Over-drying can also cause problems, as moisture seeks equilibrium. 

When materials become too arid, the loss of moisture can pull moisture from other areas of your home and make the air uncomfortable for occupants.  Overly dry conditions affect more than breathing. Environments that become excessively arid can change hair and skin, also. 

When you need water removal professionals, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester can help you. You can reach us by calling our 24-hour service line, (603) 743-4301, any day of the year.  We are ready to get things mitigated, so damage does not occur and you can get things back to normal quickly.

Rochester is also known as Lilac city.  For more information on Rochester, click here.

Little Known Facts About Flood Damage in a Dover Home - and Why They Matter

10/21/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Little Known Facts About Flood Damage in a Dover Home - and Why They Matter When flooding overwhelms your living area, it is time to contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Your Home can Become Unsafe Because of Flood Damage in Dover

No matter how low a flood in Dover reached, a flood of any height damages the lowest part of your home. Your floor becomes the hardest hit during a disaster involving water, often rendering it unsafe as well as ugly. Not only is the potential for softened, weak areas high, but debris adds to the unsafe conditions.
Homeowners who own property that suffered flood damage in Dover need a company with experience in mitigating such disastrous effects. SERVPRO technicians perform both mitigation and cleaning to get homes ready for the reconstruction needed after a flooding event. Without this, reconstruction cannot take place. Crews need to work in safe conditions that are also dry and secure. Power tools and saturated floors do not mix well.
SERVPRO ensures that your home's condition becomes safe enough for the necessary work to commence. We accomplish this by setting up the equipment to restore a dry and arid state. This equipment includes handheld extraction units that pull water out of small areas, including inside closets and cabinets. Because we remove walled sections wherever the flood occurred, we do not need to drill drainage holes. However, like all materials, we save everything that we can for reinstallation later. This can include plastic or hard rubber baseboards.
We get all of the different flooring types cleared out and removed, along with other damaged materials. Airing out the interior of your residence so that we restore normal moisture content levels means getting closer to starting reconstruction work. Because microbial infestations happen in a short time after a catastrophe involving water, and flooding carries a high number of these microbes into your home, we work as quickly as possible.
We use desiccant machines inside enclosures we build specifically to dry out personal belongings, clothing, and smaller household furnishings. We also use hydroxyl gas in these enclosed areas. This treatment not only eliminates microbes, but it also gets rid of any odors lingering on such items.
SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester is ready, 24/7, to help your family successfully recover after flood damage harms your residence. Call us at (603) 743-4301 so we can begin getting things back to normal in your home, “Like it never even happened.”
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Watch Your Rochester HVAC for Mold Growth! Call SERVPRO for Remediation

10/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Watch Your Rochester HVAC for Mold Growth! Call SERVPRO for Remediation Moisture from Radiators and AC Units Can Lead to Mold Loss in Rochester Homes--Try Calling SERVPRO for Remediation

Ways Mold Invade Your House in The Rochester Area

The three essential factors that mold need to grow are nutrients, moisture, and time. Mold growth can start after 24 hours, and if it is left unmanaged, it can invade your home. Usually, mold damage begins after a significant flood, water damage, or untreated water in buildings. After all, nutrients are everywhere in our home, and it can facilitate the growth of mold. Plus, mold can create spores which can spread in the air. Both the mold damage and its spores can result in significant health issues, so it is vital to have an expert come in to inspect and create a strategy to eradicate most of the mold from your establishment.

Mold damage in your Rochester location can occur through the AC. If your air conditioner unit is not operating correctly and there is moisture left in there, the mold can grow and produce more spores. When the AC is turned on, the spores can circulate through the air. It is essential to do a regular maintenance check on your air conditioner to ensure that it is working correctly and that there is no mold growing inside. If you have survived the aftermath of a flood or water damage, the HVAC should be one of the things on the top of your list that you should inspect.
Because mold can be experts at hide-and-seek, it is essential to have a SERVPRO technician to come in for an inspection. They have high tech tools and equipment to detect the fungi. They can check your air conditioner unit to see if there is a buildup of molds or accumulating condensate. Our SERVPRO technicians are equipped with all the gloves and proper clothing for protection. They have all the wrappings and tools to contain the mold and to throw out any belongings that are unsalvageable. Plus, they can analyze your house to look for areas that are still wet. If the SERVPRO technicians detect any standing water in a location, they can begin the water removal process immediately to prevent further mold growth and damages.
If you are interested in mold remediation, you can give SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester a call at (603) 743-4301 for a consultation with our expert technicians.

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