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Our Guide To Successfully Restoring Your Fire Damaged Home In Dover

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Guide To Successfully Restoring Your Fire Damaged Home In Dover If a fire ever takes place on your property in Dover, it is a good idea to call in a professional restoration company like SERVPRO.

Dover's Fire Damage Crew Discusses The Restoration Process

If a fire ever takes place on your property in Dover, it is a good idea to call in a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. In many cases, the fire damage can get worse if it is not attended to quickly by experienced technicians. Soot residues can permanently stain surfaces and be harder to remove if not treated promptly. The longer burnt smells exist in a building, the more difficult they will be to remove. In some fire damage situations, water can be an issue if it was used to extinguish the blaze.

Since we know that time is vital, our SERVPRO team responds to every emergency call we receive as quickly as possible. Even though every fire damage project in Dover is different, our team always follows the same procedure to make sure all bases are covered. The process always follows a set of steps that ensure we do the best job we can.

The first step of our restoration process starts with the first phone call. Once you call us and tell us you have a problem we take all of your contact information and figure out as much as we can about your situation over the phone. We then schedule a time to come to your home and proceed to the next step.

Next, we arrive at your home and get the remainder of the information we need from you. We find out from you everything that happened so that we get a good idea of where we need to inspect. Then, we go throughout your house and inspect for problems. We also test affected areas and try to figure out if affected materials are cleanable or not.

We then make an initial estimate for you and your insurance adjuster that gives a good idea of the work involved. We outline what we think needs to be replaced and what we think we can save. Next, we schedule all of the working procedures with you and begin the restoration procedures.

When our experts finish the project, we always do a walkthrough with you to make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction. If you ever have a fire start inside your house, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 24/7.

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Water in Your Laundry Room: Is Your Rochester Home Getting Hosed From Your Washing Machine Hose?

10/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water in Your Laundry Room: Is Your Rochester Home Getting Hosed From Your Washing Machine Hose? Don't let your washing machine cause this to happen. Check the hoses often.

You Need Fast Water Removal in Rochester after Your Washing Machine Slips a Hose

Getting laundry and other chores done around the house in Rochester can take up a large portion of your already busy day. Your family relies on things to run smoothly, though, and you do, also. Small maintenance tasks help keep you on top of things, but too often, these become forgotten and left undone. 

When such tasks involve your Rochester home's washing machine, a slipped hose can mean you need water removal services to get things cleaned up and dried out.  Some plumbing systems provide water directly from the water main to your washing machine, and water coming out of a slipped hose might not result in detectable pressure loss in other areas of your home.  These leaks mean your home can quickly become flooded with thousands of gallons of water before you discover the situation. SERVPRO is always ready to help solve problems like this for our customers, day or night. 

We use submersible pump units with hoses long enough to reach into your basement or other locations and get the water out quickly. Our team works together to increase our efficiency. We also rapidly set up drying equipment in a standby location so that as soon as we have removed the majority of the water, we can begin drying out your home's damp areas. 

To make sure we sufficiently dry your home's materials out, without over-drying, we compare readings taken with our moisture readings equipment to industry-approved guidelines. These help us restore the amount of moisture content so that future problems do not occur. Over-drying can also cause problems, as moisture seeks equilibrium. 

When materials become too arid, the loss of moisture can pull moisture from other areas of your home and make the air uncomfortable for occupants.  Overly dry conditions affect more than breathing. Environments that become excessively arid can change hair and skin, also. 

When you need water removal professionals, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester can help you. You can reach us by calling our 24-hour service line, (603) 743-4301, any day of the year.  We are ready to get things mitigated, so damage does not occur and you can get things back to normal quickly.

Rochester is also known as Lilac city.  For more information on Rochester, click here.

Little Known Facts About Flood Damage in a Dover Home - and Why They Matter

10/21/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Little Known Facts About Flood Damage in a Dover Home - and Why They Matter When flooding overwhelms your living area, it is time to contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Your Home can Become Unsafe Because of Flood Damage in Dover

No matter how low a flood in Dover reached, a flood of any height damages the lowest part of your home. Your floor becomes the hardest hit during a disaster involving water, often rendering it unsafe as well as ugly. Not only is the potential for softened, weak areas high, but debris adds to the unsafe conditions.
Homeowners who own property that suffered flood damage in Dover need a company with experience in mitigating such disastrous effects. SERVPRO technicians perform both mitigation and cleaning to get homes ready for the reconstruction needed after a flooding event. Without this, reconstruction cannot take place. Crews need to work in safe conditions that are also dry and secure. Power tools and saturated floors do not mix well.
SERVPRO ensures that your home's condition becomes safe enough for the necessary work to commence. We accomplish this by setting up the equipment to restore a dry and arid state. This equipment includes handheld extraction units that pull water out of small areas, including inside closets and cabinets. Because we remove walled sections wherever the flood occurred, we do not need to drill drainage holes. However, like all materials, we save everything that we can for reinstallation later. This can include plastic or hard rubber baseboards.
We get all of the different flooring types cleared out and removed, along with other damaged materials. Airing out the interior of your residence so that we restore normal moisture content levels means getting closer to starting reconstruction work. Because microbial infestations happen in a short time after a catastrophe involving water, and flooding carries a high number of these microbes into your home, we work as quickly as possible.
We use desiccant machines inside enclosures we build specifically to dry out personal belongings, clothing, and smaller household furnishings. We also use hydroxyl gas in these enclosed areas. This treatment not only eliminates microbes, but it also gets rid of any odors lingering on such items.
SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester is ready, 24/7, to help your family successfully recover after flood damage harms your residence. Call us at (603) 743-4301 so we can begin getting things back to normal in your home, “Like it never even happened.”
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Watch Your Rochester HVAC for Mold Growth! Call SERVPRO for Remediation

10/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Watch Your Rochester HVAC for Mold Growth! Call SERVPRO for Remediation Moisture from Radiators and AC Units Can Lead to Mold Loss in Rochester Homes--Try Calling SERVPRO for Remediation

Ways Mold Invade Your House in The Rochester Area

The three essential factors that mold need to grow are nutrients, moisture, and time. Mold growth can start after 24 hours, and if it is left unmanaged, it can invade your home. Usually, mold damage begins after a significant flood, water damage, or untreated water in buildings. After all, nutrients are everywhere in our home, and it can facilitate the growth of mold. Plus, mold can create spores which can spread in the air. Both the mold damage and its spores can result in significant health issues, so it is vital to have an expert come in to inspect and create a strategy to eradicate most of the mold from your establishment.

Mold damage in your Rochester location can occur through the AC. If your air conditioner unit is not operating correctly and there is moisture left in there, the mold can grow and produce more spores. When the AC is turned on, the spores can circulate through the air. It is essential to do a regular maintenance check on your air conditioner to ensure that it is working correctly and that there is no mold growing inside. If you have survived the aftermath of a flood or water damage, the HVAC should be one of the things on the top of your list that you should inspect.
Because mold can be experts at hide-and-seek, it is essential to have a SERVPRO technician to come in for an inspection. They have high tech tools and equipment to detect the fungi. They can check your air conditioner unit to see if there is a buildup of molds or accumulating condensate. Our SERVPRO technicians are equipped with all the gloves and proper clothing for protection. They have all the wrappings and tools to contain the mold and to throw out any belongings that are unsalvageable. Plus, they can analyze your house to look for areas that are still wet. If the SERVPRO technicians detect any standing water in a location, they can begin the water removal process immediately to prevent further mold growth and damages.
If you are interested in mold remediation, you can give SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester a call at (603) 743-4301 for a consultation with our expert technicians.

Local information about this NH city here.

Take Heed of Warning Signs in Somersworth to Prevent Fire Damage

9/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Take Heed of Warning Signs in Somersworth to Prevent Fire Damage Mini stoves need to be maintained regularly to prevent possible fires. Call SERVPRO to clean up after any fire.

A Faulty Mini-Stove in Your Guest Quarters can Cause Fire Damage in Somersworth

Helping a relative get back on their feet in Somersworth can take a lot of work to do. When possible, setting up a place that separates your family from theirs can help everyone live under one roof. A mother-in-law suite accomplishes this nicely when finances permit. Other arrangements often work just as well, however.
When setting up a living area for someone in your home, taking precautions to prevent fire damage in Somersworth protects everyone in your family and theirs, as well as your property. Using a mini-stove can become a problem if it has not been stored in a dry location. Rust in the gas lines can cause leaks and possibly explode. If such accidents happen, fire damage can affect your entire home.
Soot can enter the heating or cooling vents and then filter through into other areas of your home. We turn these off to prevent the spread of soot particles. Using air scrubbers, we can remove loose particles that remain in the air. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can help ensure that the odor produced by the soot goes away. Thermal fogging can produce very nice results for the worst odors, including those caused by fire damage.
Smoke residue ends up coating every surface in your home, leaving it feeling tacky and sticky. SERVPRO crews clean this away and leave things feeling like they should, without any residue or build-up. We list all personal items and smaller household furnishings that we box up for cleaning at our facility. We maintain comprehensive records so returning items to where you had them before the fire can happen quickly and without any difficulty.
We must wash walls and ceilings that receive the most damage with special cleaning tools and chemical agents that cut through the soot and smoke residue so we can rinse these areas and leave them like new. We also extract the water that you or firefighters used to put out the fire. Preventing damage from moisture or allowing mold to profit from this type of accident can make your home sustain additional, but entirely unnecessary and wholly preventable, damage.
SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester understands that sometimes helping others out puts us in a bad spot. Fire damage can become one of these. However, we are here to help you get everything in your home and life “Like it never even happened” so you can continue helping bothers around you. Call us at (603) 743-4301, and our 24-hour service becomes available to you.

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Mitigation Of Water Damage Protects Homes In Dover

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Mitigation Of Water Damage Protects Homes In Dover Large spills and water line breaks can severely affect your Dover property.

Mitigation Of Water Damage

Large spills and water line breaks can severely affect your Dover property. Smaller intrusions might not gain your attention during their first occurrence. Some smaller leaks grow in size rapidly while others never become larger.

Dover residents can also find their homes affected by water damage when gutters malfunction and manage rainwater inefficiently. SERVPRO technicians can help resolve most of these issues, while we rely on trusted partners to assist with more extensive repairs. Regardless of where the water comes in, stopping its flow remains a crucial aspect of successful water damage mitigation.

The ability to stop the water from returning is essential to successful mitigation. We use highly sensitive instruments to help us determine the source of the water affecting and damaging your house. Zooming in on the entry point can also reveal other areas with water damage. We mitigate these also, removing damaged materials and cleaning up the grime that often develops in areas affected in this manner.

Small leaks in water lines can cause a small increase in your water bill every month, but the real cost involves the damage affecting your home. When materials crumble and fall apart, they can also create debris that clogs vacuum cleaners and pose a choking hazard to young toddlers. Vermin can also use openings in your home's exterior to make their nests and become a severe nuisance. Closing up these holes also prevents such infestations from continuing.

After we mitigate water damage and restore your home, we encourage our customers to contact us again in the event any signs of water damage reappear. While this remains unlikely in the physical sense, odors can develop in homes that have sustained water damage. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can help resolve this problem quickly and make your home smell “Like it never even happened.”

Concerned residents can contact SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester by calling (603) 743-4301. Qualified individuals answer our emergency services line 24 hours a day, every day, making it possible for our customers to always receive the quality they expect from the very first minute, and then throughout the entire project. Mitigating water damage and restoring your home can make your home whole again.

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Commercial Fire Damage Experts In Somersworth Talk About Cleaning Items Off-Site

9/10/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Fire Damage Experts In Somersworth Talk About Cleaning Items Off-Site It is always a possibility that a disaster like a fire can take place at your Somersworth gift shop.

Commercial Fire Damage

It is always a possibility that a disaster like a fire can take place at your Somersworth gift shop. Even if the blaze happens on a different floor of your building, commercial fire damage can still occur. When something burns inside another unit, things inside your store can burn as well. Smoke coming from the blaze above or next to you can also cause problems with your property. Both the heat and smoke coming from any building near you can cause commercial fire damage to your gift store.

Elements created during a fire such as excessive heat and smoke can create issues with both your building's structural components and the products inside your store. During every commercial fire damage project in Somersworth, our SERVPRO technicians separate the problems into two categories. Problems that occur with things permanently attached to your structure such as carpet and walls are considered structural issues. Any item that gets ruined that is not attached to the building such as shelving units, or your products is put into the "contents" category.

In many cases, a fire can ruin both building materials and your possessions. In these situations, our SERVPRO technicians usually choose to mitigate issues with the items separately. Your contents get cleaned either in unaffected areas of your property or at a third location. Moving items out of areas where the structure is burnt will reduce secondary problems caused during the cleaning or demolition process.

The first step we take when moving out your damaged contents is to make an inventory list of all affected items. Next, our SERVPRO crew carefully packs up each item and puts it in a labeled box. Then, the contents get moved out to a clean storage location. Once we are ready to clean or treat each item individually, we move your contents into a cleaning location that has been cleaned and disinfected.

We take special care of each of your products and ensure that they are clean of any soot or soils created by the fire. If foul odors remain inside your contents, then we can use an ozone machine or ULV fogger to deodorize the objects. If you ever get affected by a structure fire, call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301 24/7.

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Professional Remediation of Fire Damage in Rochester Eases the Insurance Claim Process

8/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Professional Remediation of Fire Damage in Rochester Eases the Insurance Claim Process Insurance Companies Point to SERVPRO for House Fire Cleanup and Restoration in the Rochester Area

SERVPRO Can Assist Property Owners with Insurance Claims Post House Fires

Fires, whether big or small tend to leave varying degrees of damages in different parts and contents of a house. It is either the heat or smoke produced that cause the damages, so even a small fire in your Rochester property can lead to significant repair and replacement costs. Many people might think that when a home has the right insurance cover, there is no need to worry about the costs involved. This is not entirely true, and the steps you take can affect the claim process and sometimes even the costs incurred.
After a case of fire damage in Rochester, our professional assistance puts you in a better position when claiming from the insurer. Having a list of everything lost in a fire helps when filing the claim. As part of the restoration efforts, our SERVPRO team separates the items in your house based on the level of damage. Items can be in three categories: salvageable, unsalvageable and questionable. This separation helps you create the claim list quickly. We are also able to differentiate between real and superficial damage such as smoke residue, which we clean eliminating the need for item replacement.
For smaller fires that do not consume the entire property, further damages might still occur after putting out the flames. Insurers expect property owners to take steps that help prevent further damage. While handling the cleanup and restoration, our SERVPRO technicians also help in different ways to prevent further damages. For example, when necessary we move contents from the affected property to a safer location. Move-outs eliminate chances of further damage and create room for more effective restoration of the affected areas.
Keeping proper records of all the costs involved is a vital part of the claim process. However, it is easier said than done since the records also have to be verifiable. You do not have to worry about record keeping when you involve the SERVPRO team from the start because we keep professional records that include photographic evidence of the damaged fixtures and contents. Our CCIS Contents Claim Inventory Service documents the process to simplify your claim.
Working with a trained fire restoration team helps reduce the burden. You should call SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester at (603) 743-4301. We are available any time of the day.

Local fire department website

Keeping The Dampness Away After Flood Damage In A Somersworth Home

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Keeping The Dampness Away After Flood Damage In A Somersworth Home Flooding and other intrusive water can damage a Somersworth home rapidly, showing visible signs immediately.

Keeping The Dampness Away After A Flood

Flooding and other intrusive water can damage a Somersworth home rapidly, showing visible signs immediately. Other damage that continues unabated within the hidden areas of a home's interior cavities can lead to severe infestations of microbes, allow insect pests to nest and burrow in softened materials, and create unwanted odors.
Residents in Somersworth might find that elevated humidity in their home continues to occur after they experience flood damage to their property. This can happen when small pockets of moisture in your home go undetected. One common location is lower surfaces in basement floors. SERVPRO's IICRC-certified technicians can get these areas dry for you and protect your home from the continued negative effects of damage from flooding.
Water that continued to seep into damaged areas of your home's basement after a flood can smell particularly dank because of the additional odors picked up from the soil underneath your home. Even though the soil can act as a filter, the water's odor and still smell foul, even though it no longer smells like floodwater. The soil around homes that experienced flooding can become so saturated their foundations sometimes move. The pressure can become extremely intense.
If flood damage seems to revisit your home again a short time after mitigation workers complete the initial work, we can help restore your home, so odors and continued damp conditions no longer occur. Desiccant machines can prove highly effective in these situations, as can our air scrubbers. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can run machines that produce either ozone and hydroxyl gases to eliminate odors from further bothering you and your family.
Eliminating dangerous excess moisture in your home accomplishes more than hindering the growth of microbial and other infestations and keeping your home smelling normal – it also protects occupants from inhaling damp air. SERVPRO technicians can quickly remove any additional materials damaged by this leftover flood damage, test and treat for any microbial activity, and also use different odor-controlling techniques that leave your home smelling “Like it never even happened.”
SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester understands that flood damage can cause ongoing nightmares for residents, but we are here to help. SERVPRO is locally owned and operated, and we care about our neighbors and want to make sure the families in our community live in homes free of problems. For more information call us at (603) 743-4301 24/7, every day of the year.

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Leaking Plumbing Can Cause Mold Damage In Your Rochester Basement Game Room

8/10/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Leaking Plumbing Can Cause Mold Damage In Your Rochester Basement Game Room Plumbing is essential for your home, but when it leaks, it can cause problems such as mold damage.

Leaking Plumbing Can Cause Mold Damage

Plumbing is essential for your home, but when it leaks, it can cause problems such as mold damage. Above the ceiling tiles of your basement is the plumbing that runs through your home. When your game room is directly under plumbing that is leaking, mold can grow around the ceiling where the constant moisture is present.

One of the first signs that you could have mold damage in your Rochester home could be a musty and heavy odor. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, mold can also be physically seen, as small grey, blue, or green spots. Accompanied by the water stains on your ceiling tile, it may be easy to spot where the damage is occurring.

In order to protect the precious electronics, games, and expensive furniture in your game room, it is essential for you to call a damage restoration company. Leaving the mold in your home for long periods of time can lead to the structure becoming weaker. Mold can cause rot because it is responsible for the decay of organic materials. Additionally, mold can cause health effects.

When you call SERVPRO, we always strive to hurry to your residence. Our IICRC-certified technicians can bring advanced tools with them to fight the mold damage. Setting up a plastic barrier between the mold damage and the rest of your house is one of the first things our techs can do. Making sure that the mold spores cannot spread to a new home as we remove them is essential.

Once the plastic sheeting is set up, our SERVPRO technicians can set up an air scrubber with HEPA filters to run while we remediate the mold damage. Not only can it help combat the musty scent by neutralizing the particles that cause it, but our air scrubbers can filter out airborne mold spores. Once all the preliminary work is seen to, SERVPRO can begin to remediate the damage.

Our technicians can throw out the mold-infected ceiling tiles. The material is porous, and it is too hard to clean the mold off of them and guarantee that the colony is completely gone. We can use disinfectant to clean out the mold from the structure of your ceiling, as well as using an antifungal agent as a finishing touch to help prevent regrowth.

If you discover a leak has caused mold damage in your home, never wait to call for help. Phone SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester by dialing (603) 743-4301. We always aim to return your home to its pre-mold condition.

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