Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Dover Storm Cleanup

This neglected and vacant house in the Dover area was traumatized by contaminated flood waters over weeks. This can be a challenging task, even for SERVPRO trai... READ MORE

Snow Storms and Water Damage in Dover

A Dover home can suffer significant storm damage from melting snow and seeping water. This vacant house soaked in the water and warped, as shown by the Before P... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Rochester Home

Storm damage befell this Rochester home when a portion of the roof was torn away during a tremendously powerful thunderstorm which packed very high winds. Storm... READ MORE

Flood Damage and Contamination in Rochester

When derelict properties in Rochester or the surrounding area suffer from intruding groundwater, the untreated structures get ruined. Muddy, filthy water filled... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Somersworth

When it comes to storm damage emergencies our team at SERVPRO has your back. Flooding can cause significant damage within minutes, and our experts are available... READ MORE

Stormwater Ruins a Section of the Lower Level in a Dover Home

When a house is vacant, and stormwaters can intrude and remain until evaporation is complete, you can count on significant storm and mold damage to the affected... READ MORE

Storm Water Damages Hardwood Flooring in Dover

The intruding stormwater entered the first level of this Dover home causing damage to the hardwood floor planks. Some oak slats have been removed because of war... READ MORE