What our Customers say...


I just want you to know how much we appreciate the extra care and precautions your crew took in their work to keep the rest of the house from being contaminated and protect my mother's health.  It's refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that genuinely care about their customers.

SERVPRO did an outstanding job working around our delicate machinery without interrupting our normal operations.  This is a company that uniquely understands the needs of a business and the importance of meeting schedules in a manufacturing operation.  

Tyson and his crew did excellent work for us on the drying out and the construction crews were also outstanding.  With people like this in your organization, you have got to be the best in the business.

Five Stars for the crew from SERVPRO!  Thanks again for cleaning up our mess so quickly.

Our home was only four months old when it was nearly destroyed by fire due to a wiring defect.  We were heartbroken.  This company (SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester) worked miracles before our eyes by rebuilding the destroyed portions and restoring the damaged areas.  There is not the slightest indication that there was ever a fire now. I hope you never have to go through an experience like we did, but if you do these are the people to call.

I asked my adjuster if she could recommend a few contractors, and she said look no further than SERVPRO of Rochester.  I will be thanking her tomorrow.  Tricia explained everything in detail and put our fears rest. The building smells as clean and fresh as new. I am very impressed.

Excellent communication and the technicians were awesome!  Thanks for getting us back in business so quickly.

I just wanted to let you know how well you exceeded our expectations. Our basement was in terrible shape and we would never have dreamed you could get it dried out and cleaned up so quickly.  Your team worked fast and made it look easy.  Thank you again.

Doug & Angela

I highly recommend SERVPRO (of Dover - Rochester) - very professional!

Your workers were very careful and professional.  They worked around our people quietly and did excellent work even under these conditions.  

Gina & Brian did a great job. They were both professionals. 

It would be hard to improve your staff. They are 5 star quality.

To Whom It May Concern

The day after our barn fire five new family members entered our lives, Tyson, Gary, Shawn, Jake and Brian. Tyson was the first to arrive with a smile, knowledge and the capacity to make us relax and feel confident that we were going to be in good hands.

Next to arrive was Gary, Shawn, Jake and Brian all with a “Work Ethic” second to none. I really enjoyed working with these four men. There were a lot of laughs, mixed with hard work and eagerness to make everything right. Tyson always answered the phone and fielded all my questions and was eager to grant all my requests.

I told the crew that I had, after 43 years, forgot to buy Janet a pumpkin for Halloween. The next day they showed up with two huge pumpkins for our front steps. What a surprise and Janet was both shocked and pleased.

All our belongings were treated with utmost respect and they never hesitated to do what was asked of them.

The barn is approx 200 years old, when they left yesterday it was immaculate, actually beautiful with an actual shine.

We will never forget the sadness we felt when they all drove off yesterday afternoon.

I have already told people of our “SERVPRO Experience” and that they would be foolish to have any one else put their stressful time in any one else’s hands.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Tyson.

I want to express to you my sincere appreciation for the work your company, and specifically five employees, did for my wife and I after a long-running water leak in the basement was discovered this past week.

USAA Insurance Company selected your company based on what I believe is a level of professional trust that pays large dividends to all parties involved in these events.

Once your company was turned on, the response to me was very quick. Tyson Bostrom came out to the house to do the initial damage survey as you know, and laid out the actions the company would take over the following days....a solid and easily understood overview, and one that gave me confidence the damage assessment and cleanup would be done right. I was not disappointed in any way in that regard.

The gentlemen you sent to do the work, Steve, Jesse, Dave, and Paul, made up a very impressive team. I spent a good number of hours down at the site making records for my personal loss, and had the LONG opportunity to watch them go through a systematic process for removing the water and damaged goods, and finally cleaning up the area to allow it to dry and not have the mold return. They worked tirelessly from the time they arrived, till the end of the day, and it was clear, it would not be an 8-5 job. I can't imagine how long it would have taken a layman (aka, me) to do what they accomplished during this past week.

Please pass on to the team our sincere thanks for the quick response, great attitudes and professionalism, and an outstanding job completed. I would honestly enjoy seeing any member of this team in the future, though preferably under different circumstances. Thanks again.

I just wanted to write you about the service I received this weekend.

Rich came out on Saturday to survey the damage caused by a leak under the toilet. I had made an emergency call. After surveying the damage he came up with a plan to have a crew out the next morning instead of working that night (my request and agreement). The crew was on time Sunday morning. The plan was discussed and the team went to work. I am very particular about the appearance of my house and the work done in my house. I can tell you that I was and continue to be very impressed with the quality of work that was performed. The work was done not only in a short amount of time, but with absolutely no cleanup required by me. They did all the cleanup - very little required because of the quality of work.

I hardly ever recommend service contractors, but I would highly recommend your staff and services. I hope you take the time to tell your crew that they did a fantastic job.